The art of the script and how to develop it for the screen

6 SESSION SHORT COURSE (6 x 2.5 hours)

This unique industry-led, hands-on, short course introduces participants to the process of developing a concept and a script for the screen (Film/TV/Web).

Across 6 sessions, participants will be given a guided overview of the development process.  The accepted axiom is that, ‘screenwriting IS rewriting’ so to succeed as a screenwriter you have to master that rewriting process- the craft of script development. On average, it takes professional screenwriters 7 drafts to reach a script that’s production ready. So how do you make development work for you? How do you keep your creative vision intact during that process? How do you make sure the script gets better, and doesn’t go sideways or backwards? Whether as a writer wanting to maintain your unique voice or a producer trying to ensure that the script will connect with an audience, learning the best practice of development will give you the most effective way of turning a potentially good idea into a brilliant final draft that will stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The individual sessions will cover topics such as: What is development? How do you go about it as a writer and/or as a creative producer or developer? What is ‘best practice’ in this field? How can you deliver the best possible version of an idea? How can you apply core story principles without getting bogged down in the dogma of prescriptive screenwriting ‘rules’? How can you stay true to the original vision whilst crafting a meaningful experience for an audience?

The course will also feature practical applications of development, including working on a Logline/Concept for a TV/Film/Web idea and developing it to a stage where it delivers a strong and intriguing pitch that leaves people wanting to read more.

Presented by Charlie Carman, a sought-after script development producer with a substantial body of work both in the UK and Australia, this course is a state-of-the-art insight into what it takes to develop and write a strong compelling story for the modern screen, and to sell it into the marketplace.

6 Session Course Outline

Session 1: Concept and Script Development – So you’ve got a good idea. How do you develop that into a brilliant script that will attract funding, talent and acclaim? That’s the process of development. So how does development work? Why is it such a vitally important skill in screenwriting?

Session 2: The Market and the Audience – Script development should never happen in a vacuum. It’s crucial to develop your script against a backdrop of market intelligence and with an understanding of its target audience. We will examine how the markets work in Australia, as well as the US and UK.

Session 3: Development in Practice  Using real world examples of produced work, we look at how projects were developed from rough early concepts and drafts to successful finished shows/films.

Session 4: Rewriting – What are the most common problems that occur in any rewrite? How to use development tools to analyse their root cause and not ‘misdiagnose’ the issue.  How to avoid getting stuck, or going around in circles.

Session 5 :Develop your own ideas
– How to write a logline/concept. Why a logline is a great way to ‘test’ if you have the right elements to make a compelling screen story. What are the different uses for a logline, and how do you adjust it accordingly?

Session 6 : Workshop – We will workshop your own loglines individually. This is also an opportunity to practice giving feedback on others’ ideas and seeing the art of development in practice.

Cost:  $660 incl gst


Summer School: Jan 16th, 17th, 18th, 23rd, 24th & 25th 2018

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Wednesdays 7 – 9.30pm  February  7th  –  March  28th 2018

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