Show Me The Business

The art of producing for film, television & on-line


This unique industry-led, hands-on, short course introduces participants to the process required to produce film, television and on-line screen content.

Across 6 x 2.5 hour themed sessions, participants will be given a guided overview of the sometimes mysterious pathway from ‘back of an envelope’ idea to script development, pitching, financing, filming and marketing of screen content.

A common misconception imagines the producer as a “cigar-chomping”, wealthy, ruthless Studio Mogul. The reality of producing in Australia is somewhat different. The producer sits at the intersection between the ‘Show’ (Creative) and ‘Business’ (Financial) of any film, television or digital project. Show Me the Business offers insider information and insights, along with practical advice into what a producer actually does, and what is required to succeed as a producer in the Australian screen industry.

6 Session Course Outline

Session 1: So You Want to be a Producer – What does a screen Producer actually do? How the Producer can work with the Writer and /or Creator to provide an environment in which the concept can be developed into a script, and the script prepared for the marketplace.

Session 2: Finding Your Audience – Identifying Australian and/or International audiences. Connecting a project to a specific market, and the people who will pay for it.

Session 3: Pitching – What is a good pitch? How to sell the idea in a way that makes it attractive to the buyer. Pitfalls for new players.

Session 4: Budgeting and Financing – How to budget a project. How to raise the finance for it. Differences between film, television and on-line. Covers Finance Plans, Producer Offset, Recoupment and pathways to Profit.

Session 5: Rights and Contracts – An overview of the many aspects of rights, contracts and entertainment law as they apply to the complexities of film and television production.
Includes input from a practicing Entertainment Lawyer.

Session 6: Creative teams in the Production Process – The secret of a successful production is effective collaboration between the many contributors. The Producer is at the heart of establishing the way people work together. Includes input from Directors/ Writers on their relationship with Producers.

Cost: $660 incl. gst

Dates: Tuesdays 7.00pm – 9.30pm  February 6th – March 27th 2018

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Phone: (03) 9495 6209

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Special Offer

 Participants who complete the 6 week course have the opportunity to book a one-on-one Consultation with Ruby Entertainment for an intensive Industry assessment and feedback session for a particular project. Normally $1100 ( for a project assessment, plus detailed feedback and industry advice – 4 hrs approx) under this special offer the consultation costs just $715 incl. gst .

On going consultancy is also available.

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