Course testimonials and reviews

 After years of making my own short form content and working in a crewing capacity on bigger productions, this course gave me the opportunity to learn about what it would mean to be a Producer in the ‘real world’. It gave me the overview I needed about the realities of Producing and equipped me with knowledge and methodologies which have since proved invaluable. TAMASIN SIMPKIN – Producer THE KATERING SHOW

“Having Stephen Luby and Mark Ruse as teachers in the art of production has been more valuable than I could have ever imagined. They have removed my false ideals of hollywood grandeur and instilled a realistic understanding of the Australian industry. It is a tough industry, it takes not only hard work and dedication but also more importantly passion. They have taught me the importance of the choices I make and the patience I need to collaborate to produce the best end result for the project. I can not speak highly enough of these two caring, wise and passionate men. I would definitely recommend their course to anyone in the industry or anyone wanting to learn more about the industry.” CHRIS GIBSON (Producer of upcoming feature film “Comet Kids”)

Ruby Entertainment’s short course SHOW ME THE BUSINESS is invaluable for writers seeking to demystify the process of creating and pitching original screen concepts, and what informs TV executives and distributors’ decisions.  For writers seeking to make the transition into script producing and show running, this course illuminates all facets of screen production.” 

CLARE MADSEN (script producer and writer)

“The sessions provided a well rounded overview of the many different ways a producer can operate (good and bad), with detailed emphasis on working in the Australian industry. My career has flourished since completing the course. I would even say it was worth it, simply for the many humorous and insightful anecdotes.”

MONTE MACPHERSON (Freelance Producer/writer)

 “My background is as a playwright, but I wanted to learn how to produce for film and television. I  chose a producer’s course conducted by Steve Luby. I loved it. Not only did it give me the necessary “nuts and bolts” of producing, it also gave me critical insights into SELLING your project. There may be other courses which teach you how to produce, but Steve also taught me how to write a marketable pitch. After finishing the course I  co-wrote, directed and produced “SHOTGUN WEDDING” which was a finalist in Tropfest. I am now completing a script for my first feature film with confidence that I know what needs to be done to make and sell it. I have also worked with Mark Ruse in developing projects. Like Steve, Mark has invaluable insights gained from many years in the industry, producing some of Australia’s most notable films and programs. He has a terrific feel for story and character development and the producer’s role in shaping and selling the project. I find both Steve and Mark inspiring mentors whose knowledge of the industry and its decision-makers means their advice is up-to-date, practical and of real use in moving forward.” ROD SAUNDERS (writer, director, producer)